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Producer, Bui Brothers

Telltale Games / Mojang Collab: October '15

Produced "World's Largest Let's Play" for Minecraft: Story Mode release drawing live audiences of 21K online and 800 people in the Cinerama Dome. Laiased with clients, secured crew and photographers for broadcast and event, wrote and collected contracts and releases, worked with Arclight to set up talk walk through, maintained budget, created call sheet, and worked with crew to find a solution for live streaming our feed wirelessly with TVU packs.

As a producer with a background as an artist - I love all things creative - and have a passion for everything from live action to interactive to post. Whatever the type of production, I believe understanding and respecting all departments and teams not only makes for happy people but helps everyone create their best possible work. 

I have over 9 years of experience at both boutique production houses and producing live events. As producer at several of the shops my roles covered anything and everything from bidding out jobs, to the day to day management with the creative teams, to  being the main point of contact for all client communication. My experience is in commercials, promos, motion graphics, VFX and interactive.

I like staying busy with several projects and wearing multiple hats. Please say hi and let me know how I can help on your next project!

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